Corrosion Control Solutions

MESA offers a comprehensive range of CP services, including engineering, installation, and technical services. Our experience includes CP applications for pipelines, distribution systems, above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), underground storage tanks (USTs), well casings, power generation, refineries, and water treatment. MESA’s focus on quality and customer service ensures that our CP services are tailored to client needs and requirements.

Our highly trained and experienced team of engineers and technicians create fully customized CP investigation and design plans, including corrosion surveys, data acquisition, testing, analysis, remediation, and system design. Field technical services include specialized surveys such as soil resistivity, pipe-to-soil potential, close interval (CIS), coating evaluation (DCVG and ACVG), current requirement, and interference tests. Additionally, MESA offers a complete range of maintenance and operation services, supporting client needs. We will customize a plan to your requirements in order to provide workable CP solutions to every project. MESA’s capabilities and expertise result in accurate and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of pipeline integrity.

Our construction experience includes projects covering a wide range of applications such as pipeline systems, power plants, production well casings, distribution systems, tanks, and refineries. Installation services include impressed current systems, sacrificial anode systems, test stations, remote monitoring systems, etc. Our experience and expertise, coupled with our modern fleet of installation equipment, ensures that each project is resourced effectively. From complete CP system installation to repairs or relocations, our installation technicians can handle any size project SAFELY and efficiently.

With the highest percentage of NACE CP certified technicians and installation personnel in the industry, MESA’s professional staff meets all DOT SAFETY and Operator Qualification (OQ) requirements. Our goal is to complete your project in the safest and most cost-effective manner, meeting your requirements with a zero-tolerance accident philosophy.